Certified Recovery Peer Advocate (CRPA)

Primary Responsibilities include:

  • Engage people in strengths-based, trauma-informed peer support at any stage of their individual recovery plans.
  • Demonstrate active listening, respectful motivational questions, and treatment of people as the strongest resource in their own recovery.
  • Provide systems advocacy and guidance to individuals as they navigate the substance use disorder treatment system.
  • Follow up on treatment referrals and assist with adherence to treatment appointments.
  • Provide warm handoffs to treatment providers and/or recovery support services and other community resources.

Qualifications and Requirements include:

  • High school diploma required. Undergraduate degree a plus. 
  • Completion of Recovery Coach Training Academy (minimum 28 hours).
  • Certified Recovery Peer Advocate (CRPA or CRPA-P) required.
  • Lived experience with recovery skills, support services, and local community resources required, including substance use disorder prevention, treatment, and referrals.  At least 2 years working in substance use or mental health recovery services as a provider or recipient required.
  • A valid New York State driver's license with a safe and responsible driving history. Own motor vehicle, properly insured and registered in accordance with NYS DMV regulations, to drive to various worksites.